Twiggie Love - Bring Twiggie back to Norwich

Bring Twiggie back to Norwich campaing - intu Norwich magazine

So close, so far

My series Undercurrents has been selected for So Close, So Far 2014, a creative concept intended to display the art of young Bulgarian artists living abroad. The exhibition brings together Bulgarian artists, who study, live and work in various European cities. The project contributes to the popularisation of their art in their native Bulgaria.

People live according to the light

”In different places people behave differently. They live according to the light.” Interview with

Art needs a focal point, so does an outfit

This month I'm featured in 'How to look like yourself' by image adviser Mandy Lehto in Psychologies Magazine. The issue is out today!

Here's what Mandy told me: 'The purpose of the How to look like yourself is to empower women to be braver in their clothing choices, in whatever way feels authentic to them... You're just perfect for this column. I'm glad you were so open and up for it. I'm sure you'll be a massive inspiration for thousands of readers.'

60 Seconds Interview with Artfinder

Big FabergĂ© Eggs, elephants and one very large mosaic... Read my recent interview on Artfinder.

Kensington & Chelsea Today

Following all the media attention surrounding Bulgarians finally acquiring full EU freedom of movement rights, the Kensington & Chelsea Today paper decided to find out more about the positive sides of Bulgaria and the Bulgarians who already live in the UK. I am profiled in the feature, together with one of the IOE Students' Union murals. Photograph by Suzanne Mitchell.

Elephant Painting Workshops

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When The Elephants Invade Britain - feature

Last summer, while I was still painting Twiggie, data journalist and elephant aficionado Kristina Kashtanova sent me a Facebook request to interview me about the Elephant Parade. I invited her to come meet Twiggie in intu's head office where I had set up my temporary studio. She's very much into photography too, so we had an impromptu photo shoot, which left me with a pile of awesome photos of me working on the elephant!

Interview with

Last week I was contacted by Boryana Todorova, the Editor in Chief of the Bulgarian cultural publication She wanted to know more about the concept behind the exhibition Home: Contemporary Female Masters and my view and understanding of women and migration in general.

View London Review

I was thrilled to read this extremely positive review about the Power and Passion show by View London! It ends with " head to the Power and Passion exhibition and educate yourself on Bulgarian culture whilst being blown away by some amazing artwork." But you know what? I think it's worth reading from the start, and you can do so here: