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Undercurrents - Paola Minekov, Artist in London, Paintings and Exhibitions

Acrylic on Paper, 30 X 40 cm

Cocoon I, Oil on Canvas, Ribbon, Size: 60x80cm


Cocoon II, Oil on Canvas, Ribbon, Size: 80x80cm


Cocoon III, Oil on Canvas, Ribbon, Size: 60x80cm


Acrylic on Panel, 25 x 50 cm
Deep reds contrasting with a play of light capture the menacing yet alluring figure of the seducer and the woman's apprehension and ambivalence, as she senses his danger but can't quite let go...
The Seducer is based on Claudia Moscovici's novel of the same nam

Acrylic on Paper, 39×51 cm
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This abstract work depicts the stages of a woman’s life from an innocent young girl through a vibrant sexual being to a powerful family matriarch.
Virginal white, passionate red and cooler blues and greens symbolise the metamorphosis women undergo as their life and relationships change with the years.

Acrylic on Paper, 56 x 76cm, Model: Celisa Diuana
Ballet Repose is an unusual portrait of a resting ballerina which is based on life drawings of a member of the Royal Ballet. It captures the power of the female dancer, the strong woman behind the role, even when she is not dancing.

Acrylic on Panel, 100 x 80 cm
The use of space and positioning and stance of the subject within it emphasises the mother as a figure of authority. She is someone you look up to. She's a fierce protector and a symbol of strength. She is someone who gives strength. She loves unconditionally. She is a healer. She gives life and is therefore larger than life.

Acrylic on Panel, Private Collection, UK
A moment of deep intimacy is captured by this painting of two lovers embracing cheek to cheek in their own private world.

Acrylic on Panel, Private Collection, UK
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An elegant composition of pale pastel tones captures the simple beauty of the universal image of a mother and her child.